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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Remove Those Junks

Hubby and I had a house in Alvarado and that's where we stayed when hubby and I flew to Texas from the Philippines. He bought that house in the 90's. It's an old trailer house but very spacious. It is erected in a 0.62 acre lot surrounded with a lot of oak trees. When I just arrived there, I busied myself cleaning and beautifying the house and surroundings. My, that house was so messy and lots of junk inside and outside the house. With the help of my hubby, we cleaned the inside of the house first by vacuuming the carpet and throwing away lots of junk. Our trash was full of junk every time I sorted out the stuffs inside the cabinets. Had I known about Sugar Land Junk removal then it wouldn't have been a problem. But that's too late now. We already sold that house after a year of staying there. My step-daughter bought it from us.

The best thing I can do is to inform my step-daughter about the above website that if she need to get rid off some of her junks, she should call them and they would be happy to come and pick up those unwanted junks in her house. Me, I don't want a lot of junk in my house. It will just occupy more space and make the house crowded. I want a spacious and orderly house. Better give those junks to those who need it.