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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Herbal Remedy

My sister is fighting the big C right now. She has lost a lot weight, weak and no appetite to eat. Just looking at her breaks my heart. It's been a few months that she's sick and she had been hospitalized a few times. She stopped taking medications because of the side effects but she's been taking some herbal teas and nutritional supplements. I had just read that papaya is a potent cure for cancer. I tried to boil some leaves and the taste is not good. I gave some to my sister but she just sipped a little. I also gave a glass to hubby but he said the taste make him puke. Now my bro-in-law made a herbal recipe for my sis. He got the recipe from one of his church members. It's a mixture of garlic, ginger, honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar. He used a blender to mix it and it tastes better than the papaya extract. I am also taking it now. I hope and pray it will work for my sis.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Husband Store

My hubby sends me e-mails regularly. Most of them are forwarded e-mails sent to his mailbox. From time to time I share some of those e-mails in my blog especially if it make me laugh. Here's one that really made my day.

In New York City, there is a six-floor building called ‘The Husband Store’.

Women are invited to shop there.

Categories of husbands are separated by floors. There is only one rule that the women shoppers must obey: As you go up each floor, you no longer can return to a lower floor to choose there instead. If you go to the sixth floor, you can never shop at the lower floors again.

So a woman shopper enters the building, reads the rules, and decides this is for her.

She enters the first floor, and is informed the room is full of attentive, moderately attractive men, all her age. She likes what she sees, but decides to find out what is on the second floor.

Upon entering, the room is full of attentive men of her age, who also have good jobs and are responsible citizens. This please her, but she is curious about what else may be available, so she goes to the third floor.

Once there, she learns the room is full of attentive men who have good jobs, are good citizens, and are attractive. This, too, is good, but she is eager to see what else there is.

On the fourth floor, the room is full of attentive men who like children, have good jobs, and are drop-dead gorgeous. This is appealing, but still, she decides to try the fifth floor.

At the fifth floor, it is full of attentive men who have good jobs, like children, are drop-dead gorgeous, and are not only romantically inclined, they hunger to devote themselves completely to just that one special woman.

This is too good to be true, she says to herself, but still… she goes on up to the sixth floor.

At the entry, she reads an electronic sign, saying “Congratulations! You are the 3,127,948th consecutive woman to enter this floor. There are no men here….But: this proves that you, like every other woman, are IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE.”