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Monday, November 19, 2007

Police Gear Website

I woke up early today and decided to surf the web. I happened to bumped into this website that carries supplies for police officers. I have always admire the police officers' uniforms because I think they look great. I bet this website is where they order most of the police gears and uniforms. They have all kinds of supplies from tactical pants, tactical shirts, footwear, tactical polos, tactical shorts, Galco, gear bags, TDU uniforms, jackets, watches, gloves, etc. Name it and they have it. 5.11 tactical series creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 tactical leads the industry by delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe. Also they offer free shipping for all orders over $50.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Digital Cameras

Since the digital cameras became so popular, my passion for photography became more intense. I just love taking pictures. My hubby told me that he doesn't have a lot of photos until he married me. My first digital camera was a Sony cybershot but it was stolen early this year so my hubby bought me another one which is Nikon coolpix. It takes good photos but not as good as my Sony did. If I have the money, I always wanted to own a Canon SLR. I heard that this one takes good photos and have a lot of good features. One feature I want to have in a camera is that I can focus and zoom it and take a picture from a distance and the outcome will still be vivid. I love taking photos whenever my hubby and I go to places we've never been before and also on special occasions. I also love taking photos of nature because I'm a nature lover. I just love to capture special moments in my camera. I heard that they are selling these digital picture frames that can play slideshows of my digital pictures. Just insert the memory card and you can watch all the photos you've taken. I want to own one of these. I just visited their site and they sell different styles and models. It would be cool to own one of these.

Garage Flooring

Our garage really needs a complete makeover, from the ceiling down to the flooring. Our garage floor is an old concrete and have cracks. I want to replace it to make it look better. It's good I've seen this site that sells garage flooring in the internet. They offer different kinds of flooring like tiles to cover the floor and gives a nice pattern. They also sell professional grade epoxy to protect your new concrete floor making it easy to clean.

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Get Car Quotes, Loans & More

When buying a car, you need to check and compare prices that's why it's good to check the internet first. I found a site that offers a good deal for cars and will give you Honda Car Quote if that's the kind of car you're looking for. I think Honda are pretty neat cars and they have a good car mileage. sells new cars, and also offers car loans and car refinance. Never pay full price for a new car when you buy at this store. You can also compare quotes at with wholesale prices by letting dealers compete for your business. You will also get up to 2 quotes – it's fast and free. This is a great site for those planning to buy a car. So check it out folks.

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Ultimate Paintball

I am not really into guns or even toy guns because these are for males. My nephews have toy guns and my hubby have 2 pellet guns. I haven't seen my hubby used his pellet guns though. He's just too busy in his work and during his off, he just watch tv in the house. This morning I happened to see a website that offers paintball gun package online. They sell different kinds of paintball guns and also tippmann paintball markers in their online store. When hubby came home for lunch, I asked him what are they because I have no idea. He said paintball guns are used for sports but is intended for adults only. He asked why. I told him I just saw in the internet that they are selling it with discounted price. Their top selling guns are Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, and Spyder Pilot ACS. Ultimate Paintball offers the best prices with free shipping. It's my first time to see these kind of guns and I thought of writing it here.

Hotel Reservations

My hubby and I have been wanting to go back to the Philippines but we have to come up with the money first before we go back there. Besides we have to settle all the things that need to be settled here before taking off. My hubby wanted to stay there for long or let's just say he wants to stay there for good. We'll just come back here for a visit or for a vacation once in a while. My hubby loves it there in the Philippines. When we'll go back there, I'm planning to book for a hotel where we can stay in Manila before heading to my hometown which is almost 4 hours drive from the airport. I know we will be exhausted after a long flight from here to the Philippines. I just can't sleep in the plane so my hubby and I need to rest and sleep before going to a long trip again. We will need to book in a hotel in Manila to rest after a long flight. I already checked Hotel Reservations and I've seen in their website that they serve all over the world so that includes my beloved country Philippines. I browsed the different hotels in Manila and I learned that Hotel Reservations offer competitive rates. They also offer discounts when you avail of their services and you can get as high as $100 rebates. When you book through the internet, they will give you special internet rate. When we will be in the Philippines, I want to take my hubby to places that he haven't seen yet. Although he has seen already quite a few places when he stayed there for almost a year, there are still a lot of beautiful places he has never seen. So I will show him the other tourist spots there and of course we will need a hotel to stay. That's where Hotel Reservations comes in the picture again. This is really a great site, just make reservations by calling them toll free or log in to the internet and make reservations.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Build Your Online Store

I like to shop online. Why not? It's more convenient and hassle free. I just shop in the comfort of my home and I don't need to go to a crowded store to buy the things I want. To top that off I save gas and time shopping online. I just surf the internet and search for the things that I want to buy. I can also compare the prizes by going to different websites and also I can read the consumers' reviews. It's that easy to shop online. I just add those items that I want to buy in the shopping cart, check out and pay with my credit or debit card and they will send it to me. It's that easy. I just found out that Ashop provides shopping cart software to those websites that sells online so that online shoppers can easily purchase the things they want to buy by using their shopping cart in their online stores. It is easy to use, no installation needed because it is web based and it's good for small and medium-sized business. Ashop provides security, hosting, email accounts, and ongoing upgrades and technical support. It's search engine is fully optimized and you can also customize your design so your website will have that unique and personal look. For a low monthly fee, anyone can set up an online store with the help of this ecommerce software. So to those who are planning to build an online store, this software will definitely be of great help to you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

Most people now just go online to buy something they want and that includes me. It's a lot easier and no hassle to drive to a crowded mall. I just search the websites and choose what I want. Then I add those items that I want to buy in my shopping cart, check out and pay with my credit or debit card and they will send it to me. I was really wondering how easy it was to use those shopping carts when I purchase online. I had no idea how those websites created it? I thought it's really hard as I'm not really good in computer myself. I was surfing the internet and I came across Ashop commerce, a website that offers a ecommerce software that will guide you to build your online store. It is easy to use, no installation needed because it is web based. It's search engine is fully optimized and Ashop also give full technical support in case you have any problem. For a low monthly fee, anyone can set up an online store with the help of this software. You can also customize your design so your website will have that unique and personal look. So to those who are thinking of building an online store, you better check out this software. It makes it easy to shop online using those shopping carts. It's not really that hard to become a merchant online nowadays with the help of this shopping cart software. They also offer a 10 day free trial so you can try it yourself before you buy.


Making money online is a lot of fun. I enjoy it myself and I don't encounter the hassle of having to go out everyday to work. I just stay in the comfort of my home and type infront of my computer. Getting up early especially during the cold weather is really so hard for me as I'm not used to very cold weather. So I'm really glad that I don't have to do that and just work at home. One website that pays me to blog is Smorty. This website connects advertisers with bloggers. I just have to write my opinions about the advertisers' products linking their website in my posts and I get paid to blog. Ain't that cool? Smorty pays bloggers to advertise on blogs about those products being offered by the advertisers. One thing I like about Smorty is that they pay bloggers weekly through Paypal. I don't have to wait for a month before getting paid like what other websites do. So what are you waiting for? Get that blog, sign up to Smorty and blog for money. I assure you it's really fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Making money online is really cool. In fact I know a lot of people now are into this paid blogging business and of course I'm one of them. You don't have to go out everyday to work. You can earn money by just staying at home and of course you need to have a blog site. One website that pays you to blog is Bloggerwave. You submit a post to them and once it's approved they pay you and the minimum pay is $10 for each post. This is really cool. In fact, just by writing this will earn me 10 bucks. Sign up to Bloggerwave and start earning money.