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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coach Bag

I've been wanting to have a coach bag but the price is too much for me. I can't aford it right now. I have to save money in order to buy one. I like this style and also the color. The price of this bag is $153.

Coach Purses & Handbags are among the most sought after brands in fashion handbags, and for good reason: Coach is one of the few brands that stand up to all the hype. When you hold a Coach Purse, you can see and feel the quality. If it weren't for the fact that fashions change so often, Coach purses and handbags could be used for a lifetime. The lesson there is that since trends come and go, hold on to those old Coach leather handbags - they might be all the rage next year!

Coach was started more than fifty years ago as a family business. From a Manhattan loft, six leather artisans developed a collection of superior quality leather bags and accessories using time-honored skills passed down through generations.