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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hubby Bought A Webcam For My New PC

As I've written in my other blog My Online Journal, I bought a new desktop PC yesterday. It's a lot better using it for a long period of time rather my laptop. It has a wider LCD flat screen monitor. This afternoon after coming home from church and ate our lunch, my hubby went to Wal Mart to buy some things that we need. I didn't go because it's too hot out there. When my hubby came home, he showed me the web cam that he bought for my PC. I never thought that he will buy because all I knew is that he will just go and buy bread and grapes. He knew that I always chat with my siblings in the Philippines using my laptop with built-in webcam. Since I am now using my desktop and parked my laptop in the mean time, my hubby thought that I needed to have a webcam with built-in microphone so I can talk with my siblings. That's so sweet of my hubby. He also love talking to my siblings in the webcam and we just talked to them yesterday using my laptop. I have to be updated with what's going on there with them. My sister-in-law will be giving birth to their first baby anytime soon.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Had My Hair Cut

I had my hair cut when we went to Alvarado last week. My hair has grown and I needed it to be cut because it's hard to manage a long hair. Besides, I have a falling hair whenever I comb it after taking a shower. I think my hair doesn't like the chlorinated tap water and also the shampoos that I've been using. I went to a hair salon where Shelly had her hair cut but it was closed when we went there at past 3:00 PM. They only charge $10 there. Hubby said we'll just go back the next day but I didn't want to go back the next day. I wanted to have my hair cut that very same day. So hubby drove me to Pro-Cuts hair salon and had my hair cut there. They only charged $11.95, cheaper than the hair salons here in Wichita Falls. I didn't give any tip to the hair stylist because it only took her a few minutes to cut my hair, being thin. I like my hair now, easier to manage.