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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Need To Lose Weight

I need to lose weight. I know I've been telling that to myself for the past few months but with no success. I know it's my fault why I gained weight. I lost control in eating. I forgot my diet and I became too lazy to exercise unlike before. It all started when we got back home from our four months vacation in Texas. I bought a lot of vitamins and nutritional supplements which hubby and I have been taking for several months. My appetite increased which resulted to a staggering weight gain. I need to do something about it for health reasons and for my clothes to fit me. Oh my, all my clothes are shrinking!

I started riding my stationary bike and my elliptical machine. I did resume my walking too. Now I've been browsing the internet for some zumba videos because I heard some of my friends had been attending zumba classes and lost weight. I happened to come across Houston Dance Studio which offers wide variety of classes like zumba classes, ballet, hip hop and piyolet classes. I also learned that pole dancing is one of their specialty. What excites me most is that I can watch a lot of their videos on their youtube channel. I can dance while watching it and I hope I will shake off those unwanted pounds and achieve my ideal weight..

Health Benefits Of Garlic

I love eating raw garlic, not by itself but I always mince it and mix it with soy sauce and vinegar as dipping for fried fish. I love the taste and it really boast my appetite to eat more. The only draw back is the smell in my mouth afterwards. Hubby told me my breath stink whenever I eat garlic. I tried to use mouth wash but it doesn't disappear right away. Then I read that swishing mustard in your mouth helps remove the bad breath. I tried and it worked.

Do you know that garlic has a lot of health benefits. Here's the list.

35 health benefits of garlic:

1. Helps treat atherosclerosis.

2. Helps lower cholesterol.

3. Has the ability to lower blood pressure.

4. Helps treat gout.

5. Treating and preventing the flu and upper respiratory tract infections.

6. Prevents the growth and spread of bacteria.

7. Helps treat Tuberculosis.

8. Treating purulent wounds.

9. Helps treat Trichomoniasis (a sexually transmitted infection.)

10. Boosts your metabolism.

11. Prevents the spread of collon cancer…

12. …gall bladder cancer…

13. …rectal cancer…

14. …breast cancer…

15. …and prostate cancer.

16. Helps aid digestion.

16. Treats a yeast infection.

17. Dissolves blood clots.

18. Increases appetite.

19. Kills intestinal worms and parasites.

20. Helps treat cataracts.

21. Helps treat arthritis.

22. Helps treat diabetes.

23. Help treat staph infection.

24. Hells get rid of a tooth ache.

25. Treats acne.

26. Kills warts.

27. Helps treat tetter.

28. Helps in the treatment of boils on the skin.

29. Has a soothing effect on the intestines.

30. Garlic phytoncides are used to treat asthma…

31. …chronic bronchitis…

31. …and whooping cough.

32. Helps cure insomnia.

33. Slows the process of aging.

34. Inhibits the growth of Candida albicans.

35. Strengthens the body’s immune system