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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Need To Lose Weight

I need to lose weight. I know I've been telling that to myself for the past few months but with no success. I know it's my fault why I gained weight. I lost control in eating. I forgot my diet and I became too lazy to exercise unlike before. It all started when we got back home from our four months vacation in Texas. I bought a lot of vitamins and nutritional supplements which hubby and I have been taking for several months. My appetite increased which resulted to a staggering weight gain. I need to do something about it for health reasons and for my clothes to fit me. Oh my, all my clothes are shrinking!

I started riding my stationary bike and my elliptical machine. I did resume my walking too. Now I've been browsing the internet for some zumba videos because I heard some of my friends had been attending zumba classes and lost weight. I happened to come across Houston Dance Studio which offers wide variety of classes like zumba classes, ballet, hip hop and piyolet classes. I also learned that pole dancing is one of their specialty. What excites me most is that I can watch a lot of their videos on their youtube channel. I can dance while watching it and I hope I will shake off those unwanted pounds and achieve my ideal weight..