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Saturday, April 19, 2014

DialAFlight New Zealand

I am always so excited when talking about vacation. Just the thought of going to other country makes me happy and excited. Why not? I get to see other places I've never been to before. One country that I want to visit is new Zealand. I heard this is a beautiful country with lots of exciting places to see. I've just seen this website that can help travelers to book flights to Auckland. Dialaflight is a leading independent UK travel company offering flights, hotels & travel ideas worldwide. Full of useful travel information, the website is your starting place to find the holiday of your dreams. They offer cheap flights and they will book you to the hotel that will will suit your taste so you can enjoy your New Zealand Holidays. You don't have to worry arranging your flight, DialAflight will do it for you. To book with DialAFlight you need to call and speak with one of their UK travel consultants who will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled. By speaking on the phone with them you can be sure that your tailor-made holiday is exactly as you want it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Need To Lose Weight

I need to lose weight. I know I've been telling that to myself for the past few months but with no success. I know it's my fault why I gained weight. I lost control in eating. I forgot my diet and I became too lazy to exercise unlike before. It all started when we got back home from our four months vacation in Texas. I bought a lot of vitamins and nutritional supplements which hubby and I have been taking for several months. My appetite increased which resulted to a staggering weight gain. I need to do something about it for health reasons and for my clothes to fit me. Oh my, all my clothes are shrinking!

I started riding my stationary bike and my elliptical machine. I did resume my walking too. Now I've been browsing the internet for some zumba videos because I heard some of my friends had been attending zumba classes and lost weight. I happened to come across Houston Dance Studio which offers wide variety of classes like zumba classes, ballet, hip hop and piyolet classes. I also learned that pole dancing is one of their specialty. What excites me most is that I can watch a lot of their videos on their youtube channel. I can dance while watching it and I hope I will shake off those unwanted pounds and achieve my ideal weight..

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

History Of Athletic Shoes

I love to wear comfort shoes especially when I go walking. I have quite a few pair of tennis shoes that I use but I want one that is really super comfy to my feet. Since I had the stroke, my right foot became weak and my strength didn't really come back 100 percent even after the rehab. So my feet is somewhat picky to what kind of footwear that I use. I really prefer to wear comfort shoes.

As I was browsing the net, I found out the history of athletic shoes. It's so interesting to know about and I learned history today. The comfort shoes for men and women history is dated back in 8,000 B.C. wherein the first shoes were woven. Then as years passed by, the styles of shoes were improved and today we have now those modern running shoes and minimalism.

Below is the infographics of the history of athletic shoes. Take time to read and learn history.

History Of Athletic Shoes brought to you by Schuler Shoes and New Balance Twin Cities