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Sunday, January 1, 2012

At A Japanese Restaurant

For a change, hubby and I went to eat in a Japanese Restaurant at SM Baguio named Kitaro Sushi. I'm not very fond of raw foods so I asked the waitress which food taste better and she recommended fried tofu with veggies and sauce on the side which costs P150. It tasted so good and I really love it. Here's how it looks like.

And here's my pic which I asked hubby to take while he was eating and he was not too happy to be interrupted. I was having a bad hair day that time, too bad.

Meanwhile, hubby was having a hard time choosing what to order so I asked the waitress which is their bestseller and she said it's the salmon fillet with sprouted mung beans and rice so I ordered that for the hubby. It took around 15 minutes to wait on our orders. When it came, hubby tasted his food and he said the price of his food is not worth it. The price was P300 and it just consisted of 2 salmon fillets, sprouted beans and rice. See pic below.

Look at hubby's facial expression while eating his food. He was not satisfied.

He said he liked my foods better and so he ended up exchanging his food to mine. I'm generous so I gave my food and I got his but to my dismay, there was only a little piece of salmon left in his bowl and more rice and sprouted beans. I was tricked, lol! That's the reason why he's getting fatter and fatter everyday.