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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dengue Fever Remedy

I read this from my FB account and I would like to share it here.

I would like to share this interesting discovery from a friend's classmate's son who has just recovered from dengue fever. Apparently, his son was in the critical stage at the ICU when his blood platelet count dropped badly after 15 liters of blood transfusion. His father was so worried that he sought another friend's recommendation whose son was saved. He confessed that he gave his son raw juice of the papaya leaves. After drinking the raw papaya leaf juice, his platelet count rose up instantly to a good level..

Even the doctors and nurses were surprised. After the second day he was discharged. So he asked me to pass this good news around. Accordingly it is raw papaya leaves, 2pcs just cleaned and pound and squeeze with filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf.. So two tablespoon per serving once a day. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will loose its strength. Only the leafy part and no stem or sap. It is very bitter and you have to swallow it like "Won Low Kat". But it works.

The papaya juice is a natural cure for dengue fever. As dengue fever is rampant now, I think it's good to share this with all. Please spread the news about this as lately there are many dengue cases. It's great if such natural cure could help to ease the sufferings of dengue. Furthermore it's so easily available. Blend them and squeeze the juice! It's simple and miraculously effective!!