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Monday, June 16, 2014

Different Language

Hubby knows only one language and that is the most popular language in the world which is English. So when he went to the Philippines, he had a hard time communicating with people because of the language barrier. He can't understand the language which is Tagalog and the people had a hard time understanding him because of his Texan English and accent. Too slang. Even me can't understand him in some instances. I tried to teach him Tagalog but he forgets all the words I taught him the next day. He said he's already old to learn the language, lol! It's a good thing he's married to me and I am his translator.

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Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano Essential Oil Kills 99% of Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro: Researchers have just shown that oregano oil kills >99% of human breast cancer cells at remarkably low concentrations. In fact, oregano was the most powerful of four essential oils (sage, ginseng, stevia) at killing all six different cancer cell lines tested, including cervical, breast, leukemia, lung, and colon cancer. How? It was discovered (surprisingly) that oregano almost completely depletes cancer cells of their glutathione—an antioxidant they need to survive. Without glutathione, cancer cells are highly vulnerable to oxidative stress and quickly die. 

Oregano has also shown such potent antifungal activity (sharply reducing Candida growth) and antibacterial activity (inhibiting listeria, salmonella, pseudomonas and others) that it’s now being tested as a natural preservative for raw chicken meat (with promising results already). This super-herb is traditionally used in the cuisine of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Latin American countries, and has been used in traditional medicine to treat disorders of the respiratory, urinary and gastrointestinal tracts, arthritis, and even sore throat. It can be made into a tea, and used in many different recipes, so why not try adding more oregano to your diet? And be sure to use generously on your pizza and Greek salad.