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Monday, June 16, 2008

Using Your ATM/Credit Card At The Pump

I received this e-mail yesterday and I just want to share it here. My hubby had been a victim of this when he used my Paypal debit card in purchasing gas. My debit card was charged and additional $40 dollars when my hubby bought gas in the gas station. We were so puzzled how it happened until I read this e-mail. So this is how they do it. Read on...

Jim just told me about something that happened to one of his coworkers. She used her credit/debit card to purchase gas at the pump (like most of us do). She received her receipt like normal. However, when she checked her statement, there were 2 $50 charges added in addition to her purchase. Upon investigation, she found out that because she did not press the 'clear' button on the pump, the employee inside the store was able to use her card to purchase his/her own gas! To keep this from happening, after you get your receipt, you must press the 'CLEAR' button or your information will be stored until the next customer inserts their card. Be sure to tell all your friends/family so that this doesn't happen to them!