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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How To Lose Weight

A lot of people wants to lose weight. My hubby has been trying to shed off some excess pounds and last time he had this yoyo diet. He lost some and then gained it back. I read an article of how to lose weight. The common denominator is always proper diet and exercise, which not only aid in weight loss, but also keep a body healthy. Of course you've heard this before--the challenge is to follow through. Others have lost weight by following these simple guidelines, and so can you.

Step 1:
Set small, realistic goals. If you have a lot of weight to lose, try for 5 pounds, relax a bit and then go for 5 more.

Step 2:
Start a regular exercise program and stick with it. Don't be afraid of those sweat suits and Lycra pants!

Step 3:
Sneak in extra exercise in addition to your regular program. Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk; take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Step 4:
Healthy foods are an important ingredient in losing weight. Eat low-fat, high-fiber foods such as salads and vegetable pastas.

Step 5:
Choose foods that you like. Learn to prepare healthful, low-calorie foods that taste good by checking healthy cook books for new recipes. Eating well doesn't have to mean eating dull.

Step 6:
Eat smaller, more frequent meals. This way, your body starts to increase its metabolism so that calories are burned faster. Also, mini-meals can prevent overeating.

Step 7:
Plan ahead. Keep the fridge stocked with healthful food and you'll be less likely to run out for high-calorie, high-fat junk food.

Step 8:
Keep a food diary. This will help you pinpoint where you can improve your diet.

Step 9:
Once you discover your favorite snack time, be sure to have plenty of healthful options available.