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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Engagement Rings

I love diamonds and I wish I can buy one for me. The only diamond ring I had which my hubby gave me was stolen a year ago. I really felt bad because that's supposed to be our engagement ring. I've been requesting my hubby to replace it. I've found a site that sells diamond rings and they have a wide range of engagement, wedding and anniversary diamond jewelries. The site's design is really cool and they offer technical support and the site is secure if you purchase their product. This is a good site to buy engagement rings so I have to ask my hubby to buy me one from them and replace my stolen engagement ring that he gave me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are forever and they're so attractive and glittery. Four years ago, my hubby gave me a diamond ring for Valentine's Day. I was so happy because I never owned a diamond in my life. That was my ever first diamond jewelry that I owned and it came from my beloved hubby. Unfortunately, three years later, that diamond ring of mine together with my other jewelries which I kept in my jewelry box were stolen by the woman who was coming here in our house to clean. I did not see her in actual but who else would get it? She's the only other person going in and out of our room to clean. When I asked her if she's seen my jewelries, she denied seeing and she said she didn't get it. I felt so bad that I lost my diamond ring and my other jewelries. I've been requesting my hubby to replace my diamond ring and buy me another one. I was looking at the store those diamonds whenever I go there but haven't buy yet. Now, I've seen this site that sells Rings with Diamond online. They have different styles and designs and they are so beautiful. There are engagement, wedding, bridal, anniversary and 3 stone rings. They have also earrings and pendants. You can choose from gold, platinum or silver depending on what you want. Rings are offered at best prices in the Online Diamonds Jewelry stores. Their diamonds have the clarity that you're looking for and color can be changed so that it fits in everybody's budget. They have the lowest price guaranteed and they offer 30 day money back guaranteed. They also offer services like free appraisal and free shipping for your orders. I have to tell my hubby about this store. I have to request him that if he will buy me a diamond ring, he should buy it in this online store.