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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Week Vacation

Hubby and I just came home from a 3 days vacation for the holy week. We spent it in the city of pines. We went there with my 2 nephews and their dad and 3 girls who are our relatives. It's refreshing to be in a cool place and my hubby enjoyed the cool weather there. He walked 2 to 3 times a day there. I also had to take the girls around the city because it was their first time to got there. Yesterday I took them to the public market and we bought some fish, veggies and fruits. This morning we took them to Burnham Park then we headed to Camp John Hay for a picnic. We celebrated my nephew's birthday there. We enjoyed the foods, so yummy were the pancit, spaghetti, roasted chicken, lumpia, doughnuts, cake, bananas and some chips and drinks. We had lots of picture taking then we headed to the park and the boys played tennis. After that he headed home and then went back to the lowland.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Went On A Short Vacation

My hubby and I went to Oklahoma City last week and after 3 days of being away from home, when we got back, my vegetables were all wilted. It was not watered for three days and with the summer heat, the plants really suffered with no water at all. My collard greens suffered the most. My okra also have some leaves that are wilted. Hubby had to water them right away when we got back and after a few hours, my veggies came to life again! It's really amazing what water can do to all living things.

While we were in OKC, my veggies never came to my mind. I guess I was just having a good time with our mini vacation that I forgot all about it. I didn't even take with me my laptop so I wasn't able to blog for 3 days. My hubby said I don't need to blog when we are on vacation so I left my laptop at home. The hotel where we stayed had a free high speed internet service but I'm glad I didn't have to blog and all we did when we were back at the hotel after a long day was to rest, watch tv and eat. Oh, what a life! I was free from all the house chores for three days and I love it. Who wouldn't want to just relax, go sight-seeing and just eat and sleep afterwards? I just wish my hubby and I will go on vacation again so we'll have a good time. Oklahoma City is a beautiful place to visit with all their tourist attractions worth visiting. Let me post some pics of the hotel where we stayed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wildest Vacation

One city that my hubby and I have been to was San Francisco. Our friends took us there when we went on vacation at their house four years ago. I tell you, the view there is so pretty. We went to see the Golden Gate. I always wanted to see it when I was still in the Philippines. I was so fascinated when we were on our way going there. We passed by the bay areas and when we were finally at the Golden Gate, we took a lot of pictures and video. We saw from a distance the Alcatraz. Then we drove across the Golden Gate bridge and we went to see the other side of the bridge and we took pictures there again. We then drove around the streets of San Francisco and we took photos on the street in front of those tall buildings. Then we drove to Lombar Street. I call this the long and winding road and we were driving slow for the sight-seeing. Then we decided to get of the car and stop the traffic just to take photos. I guessed the cars behind us got mad because the road was one way and they had to wait. We then went to visit one of my classmates in college who was already residing there. But we got lost on the way being first timers there. We managed to find his place after several turns and it so happened that it was his daughter's birthday.So we had fun eating and chatting. If you want to see this city or other cities you can visit Trusted Tours and Attractions for more sightseeing tours and what tourist spots to visit around San Francisco. If you're planning to visit Las Vegas, Trusted Tours will give you an idea about the Things to do in Las Vegas. If you sign up for their newsletter you can have the chance of winning a $150 iTunes gift card. Offer ends Saturday, May 31st, 2008, so hurry!