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Monday, August 19, 2013

Word Of Honor

Do you ever encounter people who promises you but don't have the word of honor to fulfill such promises? These kind of people really irritate me and they're not worth my trust. If a person breaks her/his promises to me, it would be hard for me to believe her/his word next time. I happened to encounter one person who is very good in breaking her promises and she can't keep her word. She promised me many times and broke it many times too. At first I just kept my cool and tried to understand her but she kept breaking her word until I reached my limit and burst with anger. I got fed up, wrote her a letter and I expressed my disappointment, anger and disgust. I thought we will become good friends because she's also a fellow Christian but I don't need someone who cannot keep her word and all she does is just breaking her promises. Even if you are the most beautiful or richest person in this world but don't have word of honor, then people will lose their confidence and trust in you.