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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Okra For Diabetes

For Diabetes Sufferers-Cut the ends of a few okra, put in a cup with water overnight, the next day remove the okra and drink the water… Diabetes will go away and so will your shots. Everything created by God works miraculously on human. One volunteer said that their blood glucose decreased from 300 to 150. Another fell from 195 to 94 and even said the okra water played the role of insulin, very well done.

So while you can keep adding okra to your soups and curries, the best natural remedy for diabetes is to have raw okra soaked in water. The question is, what nutrient in okra makes it such a powerful natural remedy for diabetes? These are some of the health benefits of okra that can be helpful to diabetics.

Low GI Food: The term GI stands for Glycemic Index. All diabetics are advised to have food that low glycemic index. Okra has a glycemic index of 20. According to medical standards that is a very low GI food. Diabetics can easily snack on okra recipes to fill their stomach and also control their blood sugar levels.

Fights Kidney Disease: The next step after detection of diabetes type 2 is always a kidney condition. It has been seen that persistent high blood sugar levels affect your kidneys very badly. The health benefits of okra include keeping kidney diseases away. So have okra to maintain good renal health if you are diabetic.

Soluble Fiber: Soluble dietary fibers are good for diabetics because it plays a important part in carbohydrate digestion. Okra which is rich in soluble fibers slows down the digestive process and reduces the impact of carbs on the blood sugar levels.