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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Abra Cadabra!!!

My parents used to take me and my siblings to magic shows whenever there was a fiesta in our town or even in the nearby towns in the Philippines when we were kids. I was so fascinated watching those magicians do their thing on the stage. I was so amazed and I often asked my parents how did they do that. They just answered me and told me it's all magic. The magicians were real good and for a kid like me, that was so fantastic. So every year, during town fiestas, we always go and watch magic shows. My family is a fan of it.

One of the most popular magician who is known all over the world is the legendary magician Harry Houdini who was a popular illusionist. He was so popular during his time. His name was a by-word in the world of magic. Nowadays, there are new and modern great illusionists and one that stood out is Criss Angel. Oh my, this magician is really, really goodI If you have seen some of his performances on tv, you would be amazed and you will wonder how on earth did he do that! Do you wanna see him perform live? You can watch his show and experience more of his performance live at Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Introducing the new Cirque Du Soleil performance featuring CRISS ANGEL called CRISS ANGEL Believe. I believe there are lots of people who are going on summer vacation in Las Vegas. So while you are there, take the opportunity to watch the show. Just check out their site and get your ticket before it's too late. You may want to try your luck to win a free ticket to the show by joining the text message contest. just text "Believe" then send it to 22122 and you could win 2 tickets to "CRISS ANGEL Believe". This is your chance to see the show so don't miss out.
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