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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goodbye Friendster, Hello Facebook

I have been facebooking since December 2008. Prior to this, I've been so engrossed in Friendster but I got so disappointed with it because each time I changed the background of my profile and put some buttons or some cute graphics in it, Friendster will change or alter their codes and as a result, the codes I put in my profile won't work no more. It really made me mad. Imagine after all the hard work and time I spent in updating my profile's background, then suddenly it won't work. That's totally disgusting. So when I learned about Facebook, I signed up and posted some of my photos there. Then not long after that, most if not all of my Friendster friends signed up in Facebook too. I also signed up for hubby's FB so both of us are facebooking now. I seldom open my Friendster since I signed up in FB. That's what Friendster got after all those code alterations they did. Most people transferred to FB. So goodbye FS, Hello FB. Serve them right huh!